Mini Mo Betta- “Mr Yessa in the Building”

Scoolascoola-“Yessa W
e Outchea In More Ways Than 1”

CootMyesta-“Capitalize and Execute”

  In the early 90's, from a small neighborhood in North Carolina called Cedar Grove was an underground rap group called Shade Tree Militia. Making a markup and down the east coast with Dyverse Records, this group was on their way to the top, but due to real life situations, the group was forced to change things up. Then Branch Off Records was created, with the original members of Shade Tree an some of their younger family members. They stormed the underground music scene in the late 90's and early 2000's. Branch Off Records created a buzz for themselves by making mixtapes and selling CDs out the trunk of their cars. Branch Off Records has four main artists, Mr.Mo Betta, Mini Mo Betta, Ol Scool, and Coot Myeasta. After dealing with different agents and managers the group still has not reached it's highest point of success in the industry, so they decided to go independent. Branch Off Records has a unique soother sound like no other and passion for life that comes through their music with songs like "livin good" and "life line" which you can find videos for on youtube. Look out for these guys on the rise with DJ Prince Servin These Streets. North Carolina produces great artist but these guys are one of a kind.

We are currently working with MTC Empire, Bently Records, rotten apple ent, and aloe pi records

Have worked with or has a relationship with Cap Scatts, Antonio Reid
jr, Rico B
arrino, DJ P Money, DJ Skee Money,
r. Cheeks, The Original Spindarella,   

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"Branch Off Records"

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